Discover The Pros And Cons Of EssayGoBuy As A Custom Writing Service

There are multiple custom writing companies available right now, and way too many of them are not reliable and simply not worth your attention. To help you choose before you plunge yourself into ordering custom writing help, I have written a series of reviews.

In each of them, I tried to explain what is good and what is bad about a certain writing service. Here, I am taking a closer look at

What kind of help does it provide?

Unlike many other companies that simply resell papers, EssayGoBuy works to deliver custom writing help. That means that you order something there, they write it from scratch. How do I know? Well, first of all, I ordered a couple of papers there and they did not show any traces of plagiarism when I ran a plagiarism check on them. Secondly, the service says so on their website, and I am inclined to trust them.

How many assignment types and subjects are available?

I ordered a couple of different essays, a research paper and a book review. However, the choice is far bigger than that. You can get virtually any kind of paper from http://essaygobuy. At least, any that I could think of. Lab reports, dissertations, projects, presentations, reviews – when I say anything, I mean it.

As for subjects, I noticed that they lack the newest ones, created in the last few years. Yet I think the problem will be solved soon – it must have been hard to find specialists for the newest disciplines.

What about money. Does it cost much?

Not at all. It costs just a reasonable amount to reward a writer and not to raise suspicions as for the quality of papers. Moreover, I was pleasantly surprised with a first-order discount they offered me. It made the total amount even smaller.

However, it is important to mention that I didn’t request the highest quality standard and didn’t go for a top writer. If I had, the final cost of my order would have been higher I believe.

My conclusion

I can call myself a veteran of the custom writing battle. I have used many services for a couple of years in a row, and I can say with a certain degree of confidence that Essaygobuy is a decent place to buy your papers. It pairs high quality of writing with reasonable prices and a wide choice of paper types and subjects available. To tell you the truth, usually companies can boast of any two characteristics of the three: quality, affordability and a wide range of services. Essaygobuy makes a nice exception, as it has all three of them.