Do Scholarship Essays Have To Be Personal?

The answer is definitely positive. Individuality of every applicant is what actually distinguishes scholarship essays from the rest. It might seem easier than a serious scientific or productive literary essay, but, in fact, it is far more challenging. Your scholarship heavily depends on the impression your piece will leave. Eventually, the scholarship essay is one of those rare chances to obtain a high-paid scholarship and study for free. Most of the world’s distinguished educational institutions like Harvard or Yale give such an opportunity to their potential students in order to let all those who lack money on education to make an attempt of entering such a prestigious place for free. They just don’t want to miss out talents.

Scholarship essay is a short life story on your behalf. The most important thing to keep in mind is that you have to recall the success stories only. Forget about any failures: any jury is keen on learning your strong sides. Of course, some weak points of the applicant can be mentioned in the scholarship essay but only in case the author put them as an example of how to cope with life difficulties and never give up. It is important to describe how the applicant managed to fit the axe into the helve. For instance, the paragraph may begin with: “I always dreamed of becoming a singer, but I had to eat out of my parents’ hand. They expected I would continue their insurance business. Once, I faced the situation that turned my life upside-down. It made me more confident and independent. Now I will share this experience with you.”

People love to hear other examples as far as they inspire them to do the same, to change something in their life. When you speak the same language the jury members do, you enjoy more chances to win the competition. You may use several quotes while writing an essay, they will show the level of your intelligence and competence. The point is that each has to be commented with your own words and feelings. It’s not enough to write down famous Abraham Lincoln’s words: “No man is good enough to govern another man without the other’s consent.” If you want to show your passion and attitude to the idea of democracy and general liberty, you have to write down your thoughts just after this quote. You can add that you completely agree with this statement as far as you believe all of the races, genders, sexual minorities and disabled people are equal in the face of law.

Anyway, keep calm: don’t run away from the topic. Keep everything across the text to the point. If you feel that you’re missing it, but the current sentence sounds winning, try to match it with the topic in the upcoming one. Don’t engage in small talk: simple demagogy annoys and decreases your chances. In case there is nothing left to say, better hand in a one-page but powerful essay rather than expand it to three or more pages of dry as rusty writing.

Try to somehow address your essay to the job of your dream. It will draw the overall picture for the jury and thus make it easier to help you on your way. Earn your credit by providing some examples of your real-life activities and achievements. Stress the goals you have to hit to obtain fill in the position. Let’s say, one of the applicants is applying for a place within the historical department. It will be smart enough to share the impressions collected from numerous trips to other countries and their museums, grounded by some persuasive facts.

In addition to, the scholarship essay is the best way to detect whether you have the most punishable offence from the academic point of view: a habit of plagiarism. Show them you are the one who deserves the scholarship because of your original nature. It is allowed to input some quotes, but it is absolutely forbidden to copy-paste full paragraphs. With the help of modern technologies, it makes no problem for each essay to be checked for plagiarism. Uniqueness has to be at least 90%. You may check the essay on your own immediately after finishing it. Use numerous online checkers or download one to your PC. Still, don’t rely on those programs too heavily: they often make your text sound poor by eliminating suitable words and phrases instead of simply correcting critical mistakes.

By and large, don’t fall by the wayside no matter what! You always have a team of professionals to support you. These teams can be easily reached throughout the Internet. All you have to do is just leave your requirements at some academic writing service and have your essay or report done from scratch.