Scholarship Essay Must-Have List

Scholarship essay is not a piece of cake for some students. The preparation of excellent essay requires more than simply knowledge of the core subject. You have to impress the committee with your own story, no matter how the subject sounds. While writing an essay regarding Napoleon’s wars, for instance, the skills in literature (the writer may support his words by the distinguished authors’ quotes), grammar (grammar mistakes influence the overall grade and impressions), geography (the author can point at the most known Napoleon’s movements in a more curious way) and other supporting aspects may raise your chance to win the day. Play the same trick regarding your scholarship essay as well: implement the skills from different areas of your expertise to prove you are the one who deserves the scholarship.

To write a successful essay, the author should obey a list of generally accepted rules. Of course, it’s not about writing a hundred-paged diploma, but even small essays have to respond to the problem stated in the topic. It is usually in the form of the question, but there are times when original professors offer some dilemma or dogma to test it like hypothesis. Year after year, students face more tricky and complicated topics, so there is no way to complete the papers quick and dirty. Earlier, most probably the professor would ask a student to write few words about Bonaparte’s first Italian campaign in general. However, today there is a higher chance of receiving some task like, “Do you agree with David Chandler’s image of Napoleon? Prove your answer comparing historical and literary facts.” Sounds more complicated, doesn’t it?

Focus on what is crucial for essay’s content. First and foremost, it is critical to state the question once more, just before (or within) the first paragraph. Next, write a brief introduction. The problem statement of the essay is like a major web-site keyword: repeat it few times throughout your text. The introduction should state the problem in general, the types of researches that were conducted for your paper (any surveys, polls, focus groups), the basic follow-up questions which appeared during your research). Imagine that you’re preparing the reader by grabbing his attention in the most original way you could think of. Try to make a potential reader thirsty for more information ahead. Remember: the best essays are not only those grammatically correct, but those which are unique and innovative at the same time.

Mind that you have to show that at least 50% of the essay is based on your experience, opinions and overall knowledge in the subject. To do this, use trivial phrases like: “To my mind…”, “In my opinion…”, “From my point of view…” and so on. I.e., you may have visited fewer history museum during your life. Add something valuable from your memories to highlight the essential ideas.

The next few paragraphs (usually, second and third) are directed towards the descriptive text: the author has to describe the processes that lead to the answer. It may include descriptions of battles, their outcomes, number of sacrifices, consequences analysis, etc. Only facts based on the data gathered must appear in these sections.

Be slick as a whistle: an essay should not look like the annual “Apple” financial report or one of Lucas Arts’ scenarios. Often, the best size of the essay is considered to be 1-2 pages.

Finally, the writer has to match all of the claims from the previous paragraphs with his/her own conclusions, forecasts and speculations. The last paragraph should sound the most persuasive and confident, so that the reader (most probably, your professor) will stop hesitating whether the work deserves an A or… an A+.

To sum up, here are the core elements of any essay:

  • Title and author’s name
  • Introduction (problem statement)
  • Subject description (general overview)
  • Research results and facts (detailed description of the most critical issues)
  • Quotations
  • Works cited and references
  • Personal thoughts
  •  Conclusions

Most of the time, MLA format is desired (rarely, APA).

Each essay adds up to the overall score. That’s why, despite its size, it’s still a valuable educational element. For some reasons, students sometimes lack time to prepare a perfect essay. According to their needs, more and more academic writing services appear. All a tired student has to do is simply fill the order form mentioning all his requirements. Writing professionals will in turn make a go of any academic subject easily and effectively.