Tips on How to Write a Summary Essay

So, it is time for you to write your summary response essay format paper. First of all, let us say that it is not as easy as it seems. You can look for some summary essay examples to learn the main thing about it.

But, still it is just impossible to learn everything just from summary essay example. No sample summary essay can give you the right instruction how to deal with your own paper.

To learn how to write a summary essay try to follow few main steps.

Steps in writing a summary response essay example

In a typical Montaigne essays summary, you should tell the main ideas of your paper using your own words. Just read these points to learn how to write your great summary.

  1. You should read the article with just one paragraph at a time.
  2. Then you should underline the sentence with the main idea. It would be your topic sentence. Do it for each paragraph. (You should write it down on your PC or paper if you are not allowed to underline the book.)
  3. You should read all the underlined sentences just after you finish underlining.
  4. Then you should write down one sentence only. It should convey the main idea of the whole book. Use your own words and start with the name of the author using the standard form.
  5. You can continue your summary and analysis essay writing using the other underlined sentences. Just don’t forget to write them in your own words.
  6. You should use transition words. They will give you the opportunity to link your sentences together.
  7. And the last. You should re-read your summary. Get sure that it flows well. There should not be too many details. At the same time, there should be enough details to make it really great paper. Try to make your summary as short and concise as possible.

Summary and response essay example format

Author Tag: You should start your work with writing your summary essay outline. You should start writing with the name of your article. Don’t forget to mention the name of the author too. Here you have few examples how to start your essay. And don’t forget to check out your punctuation.
In his book “How the Civil War Began,” historian John Jones tried to explain…

In his book “How the Civil War Began,” John Jones names us the real reason…

The description of “How the Civil War Began,” is….

The First Sentence: It is clear about including the first name of the author and the articles title. At the same time, the first sentence of your paper should be the main clue of the whole article. Just check it out. Does it answer the question about the main theme of your essay?

The rest of Summary: Your essay should give the reason and evidence and tell about the main statement of the whole book. Just try to explain the main point and the author’s goal. What did he try to say with his book? What ideas and words did he use? How did he support his ideas? Try to find out if he brings any opposing ideas.

Mention the author: Just try to check out how often you are mentioning the author. Actually, you are not supposed to mention his name in just every sentence of each paragraph. The main thing that is required from you is to do the separation of your ideas and the author’s ones. Just identify your own ideas and the ideas of the author. So, you should be sure that you are mentioning the author’s name when you are talking about his ideas.