Tips for Effective Scholarship Essay Writing

Each student wants to perform an excellent essay to show up during the course to gain some bonuses. After all, it’s great writing experience, which can influence a student’s decision concerning the future job position. However, it’s hard to write an essay that is so important. Too many factors have to be considered while accomplishing this type of work. They are discussed below.

  1. In case the subject is too wordy, read it several times to highlight the keywords or phrases for your future essay. For instance, you’ve got the topic: “Imagine that your teacher wants to teach a new subject for the next few weeks.  Your teacher will take suggestions, and then let the students vote on a new subject. What subject should your class choose? Write an essay to support your choice and to persuade the other students to vote for your choice as well.” To cope with this messy task, select the core words out of these sentences. If you concentrate on “new subject,” “to teach” and “persuade to choose,” you will keep it to the point.
  2. After defining the so-called key themes, make sure you understand their meaning clearly. When the task is to describe all of the existing book types, it is better to specify the professor’s expectations: while you are thinking of dividing the books by fiction and non-fiction, your friend is categorizing each as a novel, story, tale, etc., the teacher strives for some innovative approach like evaluating the books exactly the way movies are sorted. Don’t hurry – do it up brown.
  3. Provide an engaging start for your essay involving a dilemma, quotation, rhetorical or idiom as the first sentence. Make it bold to catch the eye. You may wish to begin with the standard phrase which still won’t seem trivial (i.e., “My dad’s most valuable cross-cultural experience is related to the two years he spent in Singapore as a guide in the local refugee camp.”); unexpected (“During my last year at the university my mom was diagnosed with breast cancer.”); actionable (“I carried the puck up the left wing and couldn’t find a teammate as I reached the offensive zone.”); authoritarian (“In my senior year at Oxford I led a local soccer team instantly becoming the most recognized female player to ever start her career on the “Tigers” team.”); informative (“ With the iPhone 5S and iPhone 5C simple updates to previous models, there’s a lot of pressure heaped on the iPhone 6.”); cited (“A friend is someone who gives you total freedom to be yourself.” © Jim Morrison); conversational (“Stop acting a fool and spinnin’ around, old Johnny. How would an M.BA. help you? Better get on with your football career.”)
  4. Always mention what you’ve learnt, not only what you had already known before. It is important to show the audience productivity of your essay. Otherwise, it will look senseless and won’t inspire the audience.
  5. Enrich your text with as many examples as possible. It makes the reader understand the meaning of your words better. It is especially helpful in explaining the idioms. I.e., “What I mean by “dog-eat-dog” is a situation when two friendly companies are trapped in the same hard financial situation and have to survive independently from each other.”
  6. Involve brainstorming (a mind-tool for problem-solving with lateral thinking). Try to craft even the craziest ideas of your parents, neighbors, pals or schoolmates into as creative problem solutions as possible. This approach is always valued more than “copy-pasting” already known facts.
  7. It’s important to “think Hemingway” – avoid wordy sentences and huge words. Nobody likes reading utter nonsense as well as too much clever scientific works. So forget about “Thesaurising” your essay.
  8. Be sure the transition phrases like “as a result…”, “in the end…”, “thus,…” and “as we can see now…” point that the reader is still there taking a glance at the same work.
  9. Finally, proofreading and regular revisions are strictly recommended. Each good writer has to double in brass as the proofreader.

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