Tips on How to Deal with the Toughest Types of Essay Writing

It is a hard task to write an essay. But did you know that there are four types of essays? And they all are a little bit different in a way to write and format them. Here you have some tips for four main types of essay formats.
What are the types of essays

1. The expository essay
The short explanation of a theme or some topic by an author. For example, you can describe you personal feel and thoughts about some particular topic, book, or even event. Your goal is very simple and similar to all other types of writing tasks. You should keep your reader’s attention from the start till the very end.images (1)
To make it you should clear up your thesis and all other points like statements and researches. Each of your points should be backed up by the evidence. Suggest to have some strong facts and reasons. Try to be focused and clear to make your text concise.

2. The persuasive essay
Here your task is very simple to understand, but not so simple to achieve. You should convince your reader to take your side in some discussion. You should convince him to believe your facts and take your position. It is one of the hardest types of essay writing.
Your argument and rationale are very important in this case. It is a hard task to present your opinion and then to convince them you are right. Your essay will be successful if your point will be clear and definite. Your evidence should be strong as well as your conclusion.

3. The analytical essay
The task is more to describe some point than to convince someone. You can make an analysis of a book, movie, or some part of the art. The format for this type of essay is very simple and common. But there are few differences. You should write the Introduction and them make your analysis of the text you are working with.
After you have shown some reasonable examples and made your decision, you should tell about your Personal response. This is the third part of the analytical essay. And last goes the Conclusion, of course. Please, notice that you are not expected to make positive conclusion only. Your words should be clear and honest.

4. The argumentative essay
Tese are tips for those who don’t know what are the types of essays where you should prove your theory or point about some particular issue. So, such essay is called the argumentative. It is very similar to the persuasive essay. But, of course, there is a difference between these two. First of all, in your argumentative essay you should argue your point that is opposed to others. It is harder to convince the reader to take your point as the right one. So, you should try to make your argument as focused as it is possible. Your statement should be very clear too.